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Who is John Gilmore?

John Gilmore is a household name in the technology sector. He is highly credited for his contribution to the free software. With his extensive skills in technology and software to be specific, he has shared his insights in several GNU projects. Among these projects are the GNU Debugger, GNU Radio, and the flash movies. In addition, this software guru is the founder FreeS/ WAN project. Through this project, he has managed to promote the encryption of the internet traffic.


Additionally, there are other immense contributions that John has done in the software sector. This includes founding the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Cygnus solution and the alt*hierarchy. In addition, he has contributed to the liberalization of the software world and has made a remarkable impact on the liberalization of the society. For instance, he has previously sued the Federal government accusing them of restrictive and secretive laws in the travel industry. Though he lost the case, challenging the constitutionality of the secret travel laws, the case made a major contribution in rethinking the openness and liberalism.


Moreover, Gilmore has been vocal in advocating for reforms in the drug policy. He has been advocating for the relaxation of the drug laws and an end to the war on drugs. He has given financial support to many organizations championing for relaxation of the laws on drugs. The aim of fighting the war on drugs is to reduce the impact it has on free citizens. Most of his energies and support, however, have been spent on the advancement of the free software agenda. He worked closely with Richard Stallman in the Gnu Project.

Gilmore is the owner of the domain name The domain is one of the oldest .com domains that have remained active over time. The runs an open mail relay which has been criticized by some as a haven for spammers. The open mail service has been important to travelers as it helps them send emails in an easy and convenient way. Critics of the open relay, however, contests that there are many alternatives for travelers through which they can still send emails.

Gilmore’s Career Venture

Gilmore’s first venture into the software world was through the Sun Microsystems, where he was one of the earliest employees. He would later co-create various programs like the Cygnus Solutions, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation among others. He has spent most of his life in programming, designing both software and hardware, and in entrepreneurship. A good portion of the wealth he has created has gone into the support of societies through acts of philanthropy. This successful entrepreneur is also a great supporter of open societies. Through them, he is working hard to get people into thinking about the future of the societies they are building, both on computers and in the real world.