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Travel Agency System – 5 Things It Must Have

Today’s world has undergone a lot of changes, due to the disruptions brought about by technology. A lot of things that used to be done manually in the past are now done using some computer systems and programs. This improves efficiency as a lot of time is saved and it is also a big boost to businesses. The system adopted, however, need to be highly reliable so that the business is not affected negatively. An example of a business that can highly benefit from the use of computer systems is a travel agency. Software that is required for any business depends on the specific business needs. After assessing the nature and needs of travel agencies, these five things must be put into consideration.

I. Reservation Management

This is a fundamental feature in the travel agency system. Reservations are very important in the travel agency business, however difficult to get. A good software system should have the capability to track reservations, from the time they are placed up until the end. The reservations are the main source of income for the travel agencies, but the process can be very time-consuming. This is why it is important to have the process flow fully automated. The system should also be able to issue all types of documents including the financial documents such as invoices and payment confirmations. It is therefore paramount that the system for any travel management should have the reservation management. Any proprietor looking for a system for their travel agency business should consider this before the acquisition of the system.

II. Multiple Sales Channels

The travel agency system should be able to support the sales of the business through various channels. Sometimes the agency needs to close sales online, but there are also other sales that need to be tracked offline. The system should have the capability to record all inquiries from prospective customers and leads from other agencies. This is mostly done manually and the travel agencies should consider this before buying a system for their agencies. The system should have room for tracking sales that are initiated through phone calls, physical office visits, and also those initiated through visits to the company’s website.

III. Management of Inventory

When in business, there is a potential danger of running out of stock. The danger runs even in the services industry, like a travel agency. Customers would be very disappointed if they paid for products only to be advised later that the products are no longer available. It is, therefore, important that the travel agency system is able to track the level of stock available, the prices of those products, and get an alert of when to stop further sales. In addition, travel agencies must look for modern systems that notify them when the inventory level is running low.

IV. Flexibility

The hospitality business is random. Different customers have different needs and preferences. It is therefore not easy to have all the products that the business handles pre-installed in the travel agency system. Customers will from time to time ask for products that are not available, from the company’s system. A good system is one that makes room for some adjustments to the unexpected situations. Most computer systems work within strict rules and guidelines, which could highly inconvenience the business where many exceptions exist. It is, therefore, important to buy a system that accommodates most of the firm’s needs. This will improve efficiency and save a lot of time for the company.

V. Reports

Lastly, a good travel agency software should be capable of producing reports for the company. The company owners should be able to give a clear insight into the company. Reports on things like the level of sales, the distribution of the sales to the various suppliers, and so on, are important in informing the future direction of the business.