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The GNU Software

This is a free software that was first launched by Richard Stallman in 1983. In the spirit of the free software, many people have been developing it since its launch, in order to improve their computing. The GNU software guarantees the users all the rights and freedoms of the free software like, copying, sharing, and modifying, among others. This software relied on the Emacs text editor when it was first developed. This was a big hurdle in making the software free and thus the developers created their own C compiler, editor, and other Unit tools. These tools were developed in 1987. The tools have been undergoing various updates over time, from the initial kernel version.

GNU Tools

The development of the GNU tools enabled the use of GNU in developing programs. The initial goal was to make applications similar to the Unix System that GNU was able to run through they were not identical. The GNU had the capability to run file names that were longer, unlike the Unix. Further, GNU was able to run programs with longer version numbers and a system safe for crashing. Richard Stallman has been instrumental in the GNU project. He authored a majority of writings for the project and drove its development by providing freedoms to the users.

Support Mobilization

In order to mobilize support and participation from others in developing the GNU software, the developers came up with a manifesto. Through this, programmers were supported by engaging them in areas that interested them most, and where they were able to give in their best. The project also won the support of many well-wishers who could donate money, parts from computers, and also volunteer their time to participate in writing codes from the program. The GNU manifesto is the fundamental guiding criteria for the free software world. The manifesto listed the four freedoms that guide the free software development and control.

Ways of Obtaining the GNU Software

The GNU software can be obtained through several means. First is through download from their website. Secondly, one can obtain a copy of the software from a friend. Thirdly, at the point of a computer purchase, one can be lucky enough to buy a computer that is already pre-installed with the GNU software. Some companies offer such computers. A user can also get the GNU software by downloading it for free from the web.

Users can also get access to the sources of the preferred package and then develop them. Some users prefer to keep the hosting at the GNU website, while others host the programs on alternative sites of their choice. The program developed can be further shared with others without any restrictions being imposed on the users.