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Before you download

GNU.FREE is licensed under the General Public License, a copy of which is included in every distribution. It is suggested that you read it before you start working on GNU.FREE. In brief it means that you are free to use and change the software, but you must keep it open for other people to change and use freely as well.

A complete documentation package is included with the download, and is also on this website.






  • A Java 1.1.x compiler w/support for AWT
    We recommend you see the GNU page for running Java on free operating systems. Alternatively you can download Sun’s free JDK 1.2 (Windows|Solaris), the GNU.FREE download includes the support files for CodeWarrior. Note: Versions prior to 1.5 require Swing (JFC) support.
  • Some servers
    At least one server with a permanent connection to the Internet (or other TCP/IP network), though we recommend a minimum of three servers.
  • Some Java know-how
    You need to compile the code before GNU.FREE will work on your system, see for tutorials and O’Reilly for books.
  • Hypersonic SQL [Developers only]
    If you want to help improve GNU.FREE you should download the Hypersonic SQL (HSQL) kit. HSQL is 100% Java and is released under the GPL, please see the GNU.FREE and the HSQL docs for more information.
    HSQL Site >>>
  • Cryptix 3 [Developers only]
    We use the encryption libraries in this package to implement the new AuthKey system, developers may want to have this if they plan to get involved in improving our security model.
    Crypitx site >>>