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Travel Agency System – 5 Things It Must Have


Today’s world has undergone a lot of changes, due to the disruptions brought about by technology. A lot of things that used to be done manually in the past are now done using some computer systems and programs. This improves efficiency as a lot of time is saved and it is also a big boost […]

Technology Is Making the World More Unequal


Technology is to blame for harboring the growth of some level of inequality in the world today. The use of surveillance technology makes it easier for the corrupt governments, to survey on any opposition that could curtail their corrupt practices. The rich elite minority abuses power and gets away with it as they are able […]

How to Build a Bot that Travelers Will Love


Chatbots have become crucial tools in the travel industry. They are programs that use artificial intelligence to simulate human conversation. The programs are expected to take the lion’s share of digital bookings in the next two years as they are expected to be responsible for about 70 percent of the mobile bookings. This will highly […]