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Category Archives: Free Software

The GNU Software


This is a free software that was first launched by Richard Stallman in 1983. In the spirit of the free software, many people have been developing it since its launch, in order to improve their computing. The GNU software guarantees the users all the rights and freedoms of the free software like, copying, sharing, and […]

Understanding Linux and the GNU System


One of the most widely used software on the GNU Project is the Linux that is a modified version of the GNU system. Many users do not realize this fact even as they continue to use the system. Linux is a kernel that is an important part of the operating system but usually useless on […]

Who is John Gilmore?


John Gilmore is a household name in the technology sector. He is highly credited for his contribution to the free software. With his extensive skills in technology and software to be specific, he has shared his insights in several GNU projects. Among these projects are the GNU Debugger, GNU Radio, and the flash movies. In […]

Why “Free Software” is better than “Open Source”


The definitions of free software and open source software could bring about some ambiguity and confusion, but there lies a fundamental difference between the two. As much as they can be seen as two parties within the same community, their definitions present different ideas. They work closely especially on the practical recommendations of the free […]

How to Run Your Small Business with Free Open Source Software


Businesses can take advantage of the vast open source software that is available for download for free. The major setback for this software is lack of support though it can be sought at a fee from the author or third parties. The support for free software is also readily available on the commercially licensed versions […]

Free Software


The opposite of free software is proprietary software. The distinction lies in the freedom the software allows its user, and not in the price. Software is said to be free if it gives the user the freedom to make changes like improvements and other modifications. Users of proprietary software are generally restricted from studying how […]